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Automated Customer Journey

Drag & drop chatbot builder to build dynamic & automated workflows

Flow Builder

Multi Turn Multifaceted intuitive no-code interface that helps you build your bot easily

Multiple Start Points

Starting points to trigger a journey based on conditions like add contact, bulk import or on trigger of custom event

Rich Media Messaging

Support all media formats like audio, video, contact, location, URL, user input, single & multiple product catalog messages.


inbuilt integrations for operational efficiency and cost savings with leading brands Shopify, Zapier and more

Multi Channel

Add custom SMTP & Amazon SNS and start sending unlimited emails & SMS along side WhatsApp


Rich analytics dashboard to capture every detail of the contact who is entering the journey with real time progress report

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Solutions for every industry

Industry-specific use cases for exceptional leaders

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Scale E-Commerce Revenues. Create an End-to-End Customer Experience. Recommend products, share catalogs, drive sales and answer FAQs with Chatman

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Provide secure end-to-end customer experience 24x7 on their preferred communication platform - WhatsApp with Chatman

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Recover abandoned carts with automated reminders​. Promote deals and discounts, engage with your patients timely and securely on WhatsApp

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Drive the end-to-end commerce journey from discovery to purchase to post-purchase support with Advance GPT powered conversations on Chatman

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Travel & Tourism

Boost travel agency bookings. Generate and manage leads, engage with your travellers by providing timely updates. Automate your travel document collection process with Chatman

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Multi Team Inbox

Give customers the support they need, make your brand roar

Catalog Management

Connect commerce catalog & create personalized conversational purchase experience for your valued customers

Agent Assist

Create an assignment rule and let bot connect instantly & deliver personalized welcome message on the behalf of assigned agent


Collect automated surveys from customers about the quality of support they received from you.

Do Not Disturb

Let customers to opt-out of promotional messages, ensure spam-free and scalable messaging experience for every user.

Auto Sync Shopify

Connect Shopify store in seconds, automate customer syncing, streamline cancellations, returns, and order tracking seamlessly.

Real time Notifications

Stay at the forefront with instant browser and app notifications. Empower your agents to visually capture each interaction.


Feature-packed Campaign Manager to Enable Simplest to Wildest Marketing Strategies

  • Triggered Campaigns

    Delive highly precise and personalized messages triggered by business defined touchpoints called custom events

Run Triggered Campaigns

  • Drip Campaigns

    Send relevant WhatsApp messages to convert and meet customers at every step of the sales & marketing funnel.

Run Drip Campaigns

  • Recurrent Campaigns

    Send automated messages on specific days of the month or week and keep content fresh through custom events.

Run Recurrent Campaigns

Chatman Advantage

Be where your customers are & deliver a unified customer experience


Sales Playbook

Create customer journey with smart routing rules for your sales team to seal the deal with high-potential leads, all while continuously gathering leads automatically


Conversational Support

Train Instinct AI and trigger journey to engage in natural, real-time conversations with customers to address their queries, provide assistance, and resolve issues


Promotional Chatflow

Integrate with WhatsApp commerce for efficient marketing and self serve customers with preset collections and let them auto checkout with Cart 2 Checkout feature


Custom Flows

Journey supports JSON API to send responses back to the user in JSON format. These responses include text messages, images, buttons, or any other interactive elements based on WhatsApp messaging guidelines.

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